My favorite technique. An amalgam of photography, illustration, collage, and whatever else I feel like throwing in.

私のお気に入りテクニック。 写真とイラストとコラージュ等、私の好きな技法を組み合わせた作品です。
The style I've been working with since 2005. Hand-illustrated on computer with a Wacom tablet.
A Boy and His Bike Lantern Tatemae Amethyst Bluebird A Love Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self Lady Galaxy RESET. Hunter Zipperface Recumbent Takarazuka Metal Lone Wolf Sniper Automaton JDM The Equestrian Cacciatore Gastropoda Sun Mercury Psychic Battle Burning Bright Memento Mori Tuner Terror Lionheart Moth Automaton Classic Light Reaper Divine Intervention The Dolls Bisect Skullz Silence is Golden Cerberus Gea
From 2001 until 2005, I did things the good-old-fashioned way, with C-41 prints and marker. I occasionally do a new one with ink.
Miwa Beetle Pattern Frenzy Dawn Bethany Vector I Will Forget This When I Wake Up Suicide The Remaining, Unseen On the Mend Breathing Space Gamma
NSFW / 18+
This section contains nudity. If under 18, at work, or easily offended, don't look...
Cinder Tree Birth

To see even more illustrated-photography work, check out the archive!

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