2008  digital photos, CG, Wacom  illustrated-photography (digital) 
Lone Wolf
The third piece in the post-apocalyptic series, shot an an abandoned adult education school in Highland Park / Detroit. I teamed up with the popular & lovely model Vivka and we explored this huge husk of a building, taking photos along the way.

The linework on this piece looks a bit different from my other stuff, and that's because I lost the original file on a faulty hard drive, and had to rebuild a large printable version, using a very small JPG as a starting point (lucky I even had that!) Thus, there's a lot more smoothing than I usually do, in order to cut down on JPG noise. In the behind-the-scenes section below, you'll see a shot of Vivka's face from the original, lost version. I'm really bummed to have lost that photoshoot, since it was a fascinating location.

MODEL: Vivka   LOCATION: Detroit MI   MORE INFO: blog post

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