2010  digital photos, CG, Wacom  illustrated-photography (digital) 
This is more personal in theme than my usual work. I've dealt with depression for as long time, and have often been frustrated by the way it tends to hold back my ambitions in life. When I made this, at the cusp of 30 years old, I wanted to hit the "reset button", and start off the next decade of my life feeling good, like I did the first half of my 20’s. Anyway, the model is yours-truly, and I am accompanied by a toy space gun and about 30-40 different flowers that I shot pictures of around California, Michigan, and Ohio.

As I'm editing this text, already more than ten years have passed and I can say that the plan of hitting a "reset button" didn't really work as I thought it might. Depression is a complex thing that waxes and wanes. That said, my life was totally changed for the better by moving to Japan in 2013, and then meeting my wife and becoming a dad. That's helped me feel a lot happier in general, and there's a lot of stuff that used to bother me that has faded away from my mind. There are definitely dark days, but I have a lot more to live for now.

MODEL: me   LOCATION: Monroe MI   MORE INFO: blog post

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