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Evan Hayden

Evan Hayden

Toledo OH

English, Japanese (intermediate)

cats, video games, cars, karaoke

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Hi, I'm Evan Hayden. I was born & raised in Michigan, lived in Ohio, California, Nagasaki Japan, and am now an Ohio boy again. I focus on photography and illustration, and especially like to combine them together into a hybrid. I also occasionally like to make music and DJ, which I do under the name "Macro".

I've enjoyed making art my whole life, for as long as I can remember. I focused on it throughout my education, and have worked on a variety of projects mostly in the fields of photography and graphic design since graduating university. In 2013 I seized an opportunity to teach elementary and junior high level English in Japan, and had a great time doing that for a few years and had many chances to integrate art and art education into my English lessons. I did occasional freelance work while there which morphed into pretty much fulltime freelance work  - lettering and graphic design for manga! It's a fun gig. It keeps me very busy (so busy!) On this site you'll see a ton of my art throughout the years, and new stuff as I post it! Be sure to follow the blog to keep up to date! Truth-be-told, I haven't had much time to work on personal creative projects this past few years, since I work long hours at the manga job, and I'm the father of a wonderful and wild little toddler, but I try to make some art here and there when I can. Someday hopefully there will be a bit more life to my work/life balance, and I'll be back to updating this site with lots of art. In the meantime, there's plenty of art here for you to check out, and plenty of manga I've letterered out on the bookstands and digital storefronts for you to read!

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