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2021  CG, ink, publisher-provided artwork  manga lettering
  Nine years after lettering Osamu Tezuka's "Barbara", and six years after lettering a biography of Osamu Tezuka, I was very lucky to be able to letter the God of Manga's 1970 short story "Bomba!" Compared to those earlier projects, I felt much more ready and able to go all out with all the tricks I've learned from working in manga so far. One thing that makes this book very special to me (aside from the obvious - working on one of my hero's books) was that I did all the sound effects, special dialog, and miscellaneous things like signage and books, by hand in ink. I'd been longing to do a project that way, and it being a shorter book and the fact that I had just enough scheduling space around this one, allowed me to take the chance on it. I've done a couple more books that way since then, and I hope I get to do more and more hand-drawn work as I go along.

Bomba! © Osamu Tezuka, Tezuka Productions
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  It seems funny to talk about ink-based hand lettering like it's something novel, but modern manga publishing doesn't always allow for non-digital SFX to be an option (pay-to-time ratio or sometimes just publisher's rules.). I think this kind of look works a lot better with classic manga, that was all done by hand in the first place. Font-based SFX can look a bit sterile, and that tends to clash with vintage manga, in my humble opinion. Besides, maybe we all need a little more analog in our life once in a while.



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