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2012  CG, Wacom, publisher-provided artwork  manga lettering
  Lettering Barbara, by Osamu Tezuka was a dream fulfilled for me. Tezuka has long been my favorite author, and a huge influence on me. To get the chance to letter one of his books was truly great. For the lettering on this book, I kept the original sound effects intact, but subtitled them with a smaller English version. The only sound effects I changed were voice-related, such as laughing and gasping sounds.  For incidental text, such as signage and the main character's novels, I opted for typefaces that have a 1970s feel to them, since the manga was made then.

PUBLISHER: Digital Manga
Barbara © Osamu Tezuka, Tezuka Productions

  This page focuses on lettering , but I also mocked up a sleeve design, for a competition voted on by the Kickstarter backers. I was one of the three finalists, but a different sleeve was chosen. Just for fun, I've posted my design here, if you're curious.

Also, normally I would put a "buy-it-now" link on this page, but it seems to be long out of print. Perhaps you can find it used somewhere?
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