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2015-now  CG, Wacom, marker, sumi, publisher-provided artwork  manga lettering
  This was an awesome and super fun book to work on. I've been a big fan of Hiroaki Samura since high school and college, when I used to read Blade of the Immortal, and it was a dream to work on one of his books. Volume 1 of Die Wergelder was the first book I worked on where I started using marker & brush pen to to some of the sound effects by hand, and then scanning them in. I did this for a lot of scenes with people screaming at the top of their lungs, in order to match the brush lettering of Samura, and have employed this technique on other books as well. I also had the opportunity to letter in multiple languages - German, Chinese, Russian, and Korean - since the book has a very multinational cast. I loved working on this book and look forward to future volumes.

Die Wergelder © Hiroaki Samura
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