"ROBOT ARMY: METAL" 2008 shareshare
Robot Army: Metal

Robot Army: Metal
Outtakes from my illustrated-photography piece, "Metal", featuring my friend Dawon as a chromed-up android. This was the first of my new second series of "Robot Army". The previous series, featured a military theme, with very rough & tumble, gritty looking machines, loaded down with gadgets. For this piece, I wanted to channel a little of my fondness for Hajime Sorayama, and go with a smoother, more shiny aesthetic.

Since Dawon is my longtime muse, and a very good model, I was lucky to have many good shots from that afternoon, but unfortunately, those all went when my hard drive died this past fall. Luckily I had a few left over to show here.
MEDIA: digital photos
MODEL: Dawon

MORE INFO: blog post

Robot Army: Hunter bonus

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