2003  film photography  Robot Army part 6 of 6 
Robot Army: "Casualty"

  This was a pretty signification project for me. I did this series while in my last year of college, finishing up my BA in photography, and was learning about studio lighting. I decided to go all-out with the shoots, and clutter my friends up with lots of gadgets, odds & ends, and metallic body paint. Initially, the robot series didn't have an overarching theme beyond, well, "robots are cool", but as I was starting the project, the US started off its "Shock & Awe" attack on Iraq. I was anxious about where that pointless war would lead the world, and that set the tone for the series. This is the sixth and final part of the series, "Casualty".

This one went smoother than the others and I had a lot of fun preparing the props, fake robot blood, and staging of the scene, despite the series going out on a somber theme. After portraying five kinds of warriors, I decided to portray a victim of war. Maybe sort of "on-the-nose" in retrospect, but I still like it. Though this was the end of the original shot-on-film-in-the-studio series, I picked up the idea again a few years later for some new Robot Army fun!
MODEL: Adrienne   LOCATION: Toledo OH



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