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Robot Army: "Army"

Robot Army: "Army"

Robot Army: "Army"
This was a pretty signification project for me. I did this series while in my last year of college, finishing up my BA in photography, and was learning about studio lighting. I decided to go all-out with the shoots, and clutter my friends up with lots of gadgets, odds & ends, and metallic body paint. Initially, the robot series didn't have an overarching theme beyond, well, "robots are cool", but as I was starting the project, the US started off its "Shock & Awe" attack on Iraq. I was anxious about where that pointless war would lead the world, and that set the tone for the series.
This is part one of the series, "Army".

Loi posed as a robot soldier. Much strobe trouble-shooting went on, and the shots ended up pretty dark and underexposed. In 2021, I bought a negative scanner and was able to salvage them to look about as good as they'll ever look. Despite the technical hiccups, I am still happy with how this shoot turned out.



1: setting up the gadgets    2,3. a couple behind-the-scenes shots with my first digital camera
Robot Army: Army bonus

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