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Hello English Picture Dictionary: family

Hello English Picture Dictionary: family

  As part of my publication project Hello English Picture Dictionary, I made hundreds of illustrations for the 1st-4th grade English curriculum, in both color and black & white.

This page focuses on my family illustrations, for grades 3 & 4. Since just drawings of people on their own is a little hard to demonstrate family connections, I used a family tree layout. Rather than have "you" as the relative center of the tree (and possibly cause sad feelings for kids who are missing a parent or otherwise), I made up a character named Hiromi, and showed her family. For the 3rd grade level drawings, I showered her as a child, and for the 4th grade level, for expanded family words, I showed the same family, but aged up around 15 years.

To see how these images look in the book's layout, check out the picture dictionary page in the design gallery.

All the materials I made for this project are available to download for free, so go get it!

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