2014  marker, colored pencil, washi paper, origami paper

  This piece was a fun new direction for me. While shopping at my favorite art supply store in Nagasaki (Ishimaru Bunkōdō), I saw a couple pieces of washi paper that instantly inspired me. One was metallic gold and full of swirls. This reminded me of curly blonde hair. There was also a piece of white paper with golden speckles (and a few silver speckles here & there), that reminded me of freckles. Using these, as well as silver washi paper for the background and metallic green origami paper for her eyes, I set about making the image of the pretty lady you see here. I worked larger than usual, and it was pretty fun to get out of my usual comfort zones.

Since it's too big to scan, I took photos, so hopefully the one you see above looks okay. It's about the closest I could get. Since there's metallic stuff everywhere, it's very hard to photograph. I
went on to make a few more big illustrations using washi paper, the Animal Friends series, which you can find in this illustration gallery. I still have a bunch of supplies and looking forward to making more in the future!



1: shot from a different angle, to show metal flake    2. in-progress    3: detail
  "Goldie" bonus


Goldie (bonus wallpaper!)
2560x1440    1920x1080    mobile

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