Evan Hayden DESIGN
2018-2020  CG, Wacom, photography, ink, marker  magazine design 
  For a little over two years I served as the graphic designer for "Nagazasshi", a long running all-volunteer English language magazine about the life and culture of Nagasaki prefecture. For my seven issues, I gave the magazine a visual overhaul and designed imagery for a wide variety of articles by the writing staff and guest writers. I even wrote three articles myself - one on my friend Genki's hair salon and DJ businesses, one about karaoke, and one featuring cats I photographed around Nagasaki. (More on those on the bonus section below.) I supplied some photos used in the magazine, as well as illustrations and an illustrated-photo piece. It was a really fun and varied passion project. I had to retire from the magazine when my son was born and life got a lot more busy, but I enjoyed my two years as designer.

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  Click the pics below to see larger, readable images of the three articles I wrote for Nagazasshi!  

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