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2021   CG, publisher-provided artwork book design 

  This was a very special project for me. I only get the chance to do a manga project for my friends at Last Gasp every few years, and when I do, it's always something unique. "Unique" is definitely the word to describe Heaven's Door. It's Keiichi Koike's first full book to be released in English, and it's amazing. It's all about trips - time trips, drug trips, death trips, dream trips... Very avant-garde and creative. I have a bunch of examples of the lettering I did for the book in the Comics section, but this page focuses on the book design. I was pretty faithful to the original Japanese release's design, but with some tweaks here and there. The cover has a die-cut gatefold that you can use to look at the art in different ways. This was a supremely challenging thing to line up just right, but after a few tries I got it. Also, the front and back cover has spot gloss treatment on the logo and flourescent artwork that glow under black light!

Early on in the process it was looking like we'd have more freedom to go in a different direction with the cover design, so I made a pretty wild alternate cover that I'm quite proud of. Hopefully I can share that as well, later on after the book's been out a bit longer.

Heaven's Door Extra Works © Keiichi Koike
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