"TOKYO ZOMBIE" LETTERING  2008 shareshare
MEDIA: CG, marker, publisher-provided artwork

For Last Gasp's English-language release of Yusaku Hanakuma's "Tokyo Zombie", I did the book design, lettering, and touch-up. This was a really fun project to work on, especially since I got to collaborate with my good buddy Ryan Sands. This was our first legit manga adaptation release, after a few years of semi-illegal scanlation stuff on our site Same Hat!

For the lettering style, I replaced all the sound effects and incidental text with English versions. Since it was my first book, it's a little all over the map with typefaces compared to later books I've done, but it sort of fits the crazy tone of the manga. I also hand-illustrated some of the FX, such as the "BOO BOO" and "RAH RAH" sequences you see on pages 66 & 81.

This page focuses on the lettering, but if you'd like to see my design for the outer sleeve, check that out here.

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"Tokyo Zombie" lettering samples
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