"SANKAREA" LETTERING  2013 - 2015 shareshare
MEDIA: CG, Wacom, marker, publisher-provided artwork
PUBLISHER: Kodansha Comics

I lettered and did touch-up on Kodansha Comics / Penguin Random House's release of Mitsuru Hattori's "Sankarea" from volume 2 until the final volume, 11. (I wanted to letter volume 1 as well, but was moving to Japan at the time and was crazy busy)

I feel like this book is where I really started to hit my stride as a letterer. I opted to work with a smaller selection of fonts, to keep things consistent, as well as making more expressive sound effects and dialog lettering. When possible, I tried to match the feel of the original Japanese lettering. For some areas of the book, I used a font that I made with my own handwriting.

It was my longest lettering project yet,
and the start of a good working relationship with Kodansha Comics.

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"Sankarea" lettering samples

"Sankarea" lettering samples bonus

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