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2007-2008  website, widgets, branding

  From spring 2007 until the recession-induced closure of the company in late 2008, I was the graphic designer at Spleak Media Network in San Francisco.

I handled all art & graphics needs for the company, ranging from the look and UI of the websites & widgets, the branding & logos, IM integration, business cards, the mascot / virtual spokesmodel, and other things. I also conceived of and launched the "GameSpleak" and "VoteSpleak" sub-brands, taking on a bit of an informal project manager role for a bit there. Since the iPhone came out during this time, I designed a mockup for an iOS app and was trying to get interest in that going, but the recession hit and the company soon closed. I'd share some of that here, except that data is sadly lost.
Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites
Spleak Media Network site


Spleak had a widget (remember those?) for each brand that would feed user-created, superuser-created, and sponsored content to viewers online. I designed the aesthetics and user-interface of it. The top six widgets you see are the widgets that were up and running until Spleak closed down. I apologize for the low jpeg quality of some of these screenshots, but this was salvaged from a Powerpoint presentation. (the originals died in a corrupted hard drive). The bottom widget image (VoteSpleak), was my design for the future (prettier) aesthetics and functionality of the widget. It was to have smoother controls and eventually incorporate a video player. Since Spleak folded, this never saw the light of day.
Spleak Media Network widgets

The main Spleak logo, and variations of it.

2007, 2008  ink, CG
This was the mascot / virtual spokesmodel I designed for Spleak, both in her CelebSpleak (red) and SportSpleak (green) incarnations. There was an existing character, designed before the company was restarted (click here if you're curious how she looked), but as part of my task to totally revamp the design language for the brand, I opted to update the Spleak girl as well, going with a youthful anime-inspired look.

By the time the fall 2008 website redesign came about, the Spleak girl was mostly phased out. The company folded a couple months later.
Coincidence? I think not!
Spleak - CelebSpleak girl

Spleak - CelebSpleak girl

Spleak - SportSpleak girl

Spleak - CelebSpleak girl

Prototype designs for the spring 2008 Spleak sites
Spleak - prototype designs for the spring 2008 sites

1: Spleak girl design, before style edits    2,3: the original b&w ink linework

"Spleak" bonus
Here, you'll see some early versions of the redesigned Spleak girl, before my boss told me to give her a tan and make her more "sexy".
(Funny, since our audience was mostly teen & tween girls)

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