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  I've been making music for a long time under the name "Macro" (and "Evil Eye" before that.) On this page are some of the logos and advertisements I've done for that project. When I redesigned the logo in 2013, I wanted to make something that would capture the feel of 1980's Japanese graphic design, especially the kind of typography you see on old Nintendo Famicom cartridges.

Macro logos

Here is a logo I made for one of my several DJ nights in Nagasaki, this one from 2013. I seem to have misplaced the hi-res version, so please for give the small pic:

  Many more Macro-related art - album packaging - can be found in the music packaging section of the main Design page.  


 1: old logo 2005-2013    2. old temp logo, 2003  (looked too much like Fleetwood Mac!)
Macro logos - bonus

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