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I made comics on a regular basis from age 11 - 20, then went on hiatus from that when college and life got hectic. I started again a few years ago and make the occasional comic when I have time.

"Zone System" Zone System
A short psychological horror story I created to sell at the 2006 Alternative Press Expo. When Kate loses her camera, she buys a new one. This is not just any camera, unfortunately, but one that exposes one's darkest secrets, including Kate's own. But is it the camera that is cursed, or her own perception of reality?
Note: I remastered this comic in 2012, with new lettering, tone, and tweaked art!
"Webby Crunch" Webby Crunch
I created this short horror story in July 2005 to pass out copies of at the San Diego Comic Con. It was my first comic in five years. The story is a bit quick & bare, but it was basically an exercise to get me back into comic mode. The main character, Miguel, is obsessed with insects. Spiders in particular. Unfortunately, his work consumes him. Literally.
Note: I remastered this comic in 2012, with new lettering, tone, and tweaked art!
Evan's First Kiss Evan's First Kiss 

Originally published in 2008's Electric Ant, issue 1, the theme of which was "Your First Kiss". My first "peck" kiss was when I was a little kid, but my first "real" kiss didn't happen until high school. It was a sort of regretful experience, but in retrospect, pretty humorous. Another collaboration between Ryan and I. He supplied the dialog, based off of my narration, and I drew it.
"The Bible" The Bible
This was a collaboration between Ryan Sands and I. We thought it would be funny if I, who was not raised religiously, would tell the story of the Bible. Hint: it's very much not the way the actual Bible tells the stories. Ryan adapted it into a script, which I illustrated with Sharpie markers.